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🙋🏽‍♂️"We Surveyed Entrepreneurs Asking Them... 
What would be the One Thing they would ask for now, 
knowing in hindsight they really needed when starting their entrepreneurial journey ?!?"

Survey Answers...

 #1 "Ask a marketing expert 
  HOW-TO create media content that converts to online sales."

#2 "What are the tips for ways to eliminate or reduce the confusing technology to create online media success."
  • ​​Health & Fitness
  • ​Wellness Consultants
  • ​Day Spas
  • Skin Care
  • Network Marketing

#3  "How to Value, Price, Position, and Sell In a Way That Engages People and Dignifies The Products, Solutions and Results They Are Offering."  
 ...In Today's 2-Second Ad World.

Client Case Study: "
How We Amplify Leads and Sales " 
Our Clients' YouTube/TV & Podcast 
Interviews Amplify Exposure" ...
"Elevate Your Impact..."
"We believe we have a moral obligation to 
serve our clients in every way possible"
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Bonus #1 - Instant Access To Daily Video Animation Content Creator Calendar
"Smash Content Writers Block..."
Value: $997
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Trends, Seasonal Content, Inspiration for Your Posts and Campaigns. Balanced for Maximum Impact. Themes Targeted for ROI, ROA, Loyalty, Awareness, Familiarity, Sentiment, and UGC. Aims Important Content Delivered Directly To Your Inbox 


Bonus #2 - The 5-Step Target Audience Attraction Funnel Framework
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Bonus #3 - Instant Access To The New Digital                    Media Paradigm Report
"Edgy, Trendy, Sexy & Conscious..."
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Marketing Survival Guide: 
 For Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Passionate Online Marketers
Bonus #4 - Top 10 Technology Hurdles Keeping Businesses From Success Online
A Media Assessment Coaching Session  
"How To Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes..."
Value: $397
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'Media In A Box Academy ' Today! 
The Top 10 Hurdles, Pitfalls and Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Needs To Avoid  ~ To Succeed Online. 
Bonus #4  "Silver access" 
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 🟡  Brilliant Promotions Lively Fun Themes 
 🟡  Strategic and Insightful Manner
 🟡  Positioning On the Leading Edge 
 🟡  P.O.W.E.R. of Oneness Marketing System.
Value: $9,997 per year
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  The 5-Step Audience Attraction Framework Funnel (Value $397) FREE
  Instant Access To New Digital Media Paradigm Report  (Value $297) FREE
  Top 10 Technology Hurdles Keeping Businesses From Success Online ~ 
Media Communications Assessment (Value $397) FREE
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Do-It-Yourself You'll get our frameworks, strategies and tactics so you can use the same resources and tools we use to market and sell anything!

Done-With-You is your access to The P.O.W.E.R. of Oneness Marketing System we'll show you step-by-step how to get your marketing and media in a state of Conscious, Coherent, Consistent Intensity for Super Alignment with your ideal customers across all platforms. 

Branding / Business Media Makeover
Our Done-For-You ENVISAGE Agency Services, powered by OWL Media Network, is amplified with a massive amount of media marketing strategies, tools, graphics, design, and ‘secret’ techniques for advanced and seasoned marketers as well.  

We become an extension of your marketing team when you Upgrade to Done-For-You. 
ENVISAGE Agency for Media In A Box Academy helps you with project fulfillment for your business.

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Immediate Access 
To Media In A Box Academy Member's Area 
(Value $9,997) FREE For A Limited Time

   Daily Video Animation 
Content Calendar Instantly to Your Inbox
(Value $997) FREE
  • The 5-Step Audience Attraction Framework Funnel   
    (Value $397) FREE
  •  Instant Access To The New Digital Paradigm Media Report (Value $297) FREE
  • ​Media Communications Assessment of the  Top 10 Technology Hurdles Keeping Businesses From Success Online
    (Value $397) FREE
(Total Value: $12,085) FREE 

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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $29.97: Book "The 13 Dimensions of How to Develop the Enlightened Entrepreneurs’ Positively Unfair Advantage" with Conscious, Coherent, Consistent Intensity. Perfectly manifest your creations. Build. Send. Prosper from your calling with Universal Laws, principled strategies, tactic, tools and authentic support.

Is it okay if we OVER DELIVER?
Here's Another Special Free Gift!! 

Get to know us! 
We included this personal video interview with our experienced Producer, Director, and Editor Rashidi Nisu Bey. He shares his 15-year video production journey of how he started from scratch with a camcorder. Inspiring and informative!
Plus... Come with us BEHIND-THE-SCENES in studio and see the 
pre-production for the making of this podcast. You'll learn a ton!

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