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 FAST  Marketplace Acceleration, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
A Fully Automated System of Funnels, Web-Hubs, Copywriting, AND 
Eye-Popping, Scroll-Stopping Animation Video Content is the 
ROCKET-FUEL You Need To Succeed.

The Power of Oneness Marketing System
A digital marketing and media education that benefits: 

>>> Entrepreneurs wanting to automate and scale their businesses

>>> Businesses that invest in training sessions and courses 

>>> Digital marketers who want to stay relevant 

>>> Career changers who want new skills 

>>> Schools that want to increase their profits.

Investing in digital marketing education is a way to future-proof your business and bring a highly desirable set of skills to your team.

" Is Your Media Communications System 
Relevant or Expired ? "

" The OLD Marketing 
Advertising Paradigm...
Has Timed-Out ! " 

Discover The 
Behind-The-Scenes SECRETS 
For Transformational Digital 
Strategy Processes 
The Power of Oneness  
Marketing System    

Media In A Box Academy Membership 
Works for you…
amplification and intensity

A "Category of ONE" experience. Universal Principles guided intelligence in Financial Services, Forex, Health & Wellness. You benefit from our significant experience in Audio Visual, Editing, Video & Podcast Production, and B2B.

Media In A Box Academy Is... 
Sharing The Knowledge That It Took Us over 25-Years of Resiliency, Perseverance and Devoted Spiritual Practice"  To Learn and Master.  

Media In A Box Academy Is...
Revealing The Tech Secrets The Agencies and Freelancers Don't Want You To Know.

😃 Experience The Joy of Learning The Behind-The-Scenes Truths of Soul-To-Soul Media Marketing Magic🪄

Helping entrepreneurs keep their doors open and services available. 

We Created Media In A Box Academy To Liberate Entrepreneurs From The Tech-Hurdles, Headaches, and Challenges That Have Held Them Back From Having Success Online.

Media In A Box Academy Is... 

Passionate About and Committed to Helping Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Healerpreneurs SHIFT to avoid being left behind in the unprofitable old paradigm.

Media In A Box Academy Membership Positions You On The Leading Edge of the Global Consciousness Shift. 

Gets You In Front of 
The Wave!

Grab Attention with 
Scroll-Stopping Video Content...

The Truth Is...

When all is said and done, you, The Enlightened Entrepreneur want to know how to successfully reach and serve your clients. Financial prosperity is the by-product of your Righteous goals, desires, and dreams to live your spiritual lifestyle on your terms, without having to be a techie.

Isn't it time for you to have Accurate Knowledge to Systematize and Utilize? 

Do you want to Manifest your own superpowers to attract your dream customers, increase revenue, and make the impact in the world by reaching the people you are called to serve without conforming to obsolete expired "norms"?

Enlightened Entrepreneurs who are centered and free of duality (outer/inner conflict) overcome objections and roadblocks.  

Our Commitment to Focusing and Directing Energy keeps us in a State of Conscious, Coherent, Consistent Intensity.

LEARN How To to Not Only Avoid, But Transmute the Hurdles Pitfalls and Mistakes Most Online Entrepreneurs Make.

Get The Answers You Need In Your Hands and Use TODAY!


So you can serve your dream customers, speak and monetize your message, transform lives and impact the world with your profound purpose in grace, ease and love.


🙋🏽‍♂️"We Surveyed Entrepreneurs Asking Them... 
What would be the One Thing they would ask for now, 
knowing in hindsight they really needed when starting their entrepreneurial journey ?!?"

Their Answers Are Enlightening...

Survey Answers...

 #1 "Ask a marketing expert 
  HOW-TO create media content that converts to online sales."

#2 "What are the tips for ways to eliminate or reduce the confusing technology to create online media success."

#3 " How to Value Price Position and Sell In a Way That Empowers The People They Serve and 
Dignifies Whatever Result They Are Offering.  
To Grow Their Business In Today's World."

OVERCOME the daily struggle to write effective, engaging content for your 
posts, articles and blogs 
without the brain-fog and the headache pain of figuring out what and how to say what attracts your ideal customers.

"Smash Content Writer's Block!"

Get This Animated Content Calendar...
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The Power of Oneness Marketing System
 Frameworks it took us decades to learn, master and create... 
  • ​​Health & Fitness
  • ​Wellness Consultants
  • ​Day Spas
  • Skin Care
  • Network Marketing
Discover The New Paradigm Way to Scale Your Business  
Digital Media Marketing Automation and Video Animations 

The Power of Oneness Marketing System 
The "Enlightened Entrepreneurs' 
Positively Unfair Advantage"
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 🔥Spark a Fire of Engagement
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Client Case Study: "
How We Amplify Leads and Sales " 
"Highten Your Impact..."
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"We have a moral obligation to serve our clients in every way possible"
Bonus #1 - Instant Access To Daily Video Animation Content Creator Calendar
"Smash Content Writers Block..."
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'Media In A Box Academy ' Today! 

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 Get Daily Themes and Idea Inspiration for Your Posts and Campaigns. 
The Latest Trends, and Seasonal Content to Fulfill Your Most Important Content Aims Delivered Directly To Your Inbox EVERYDAY!
Bonus #2 - The 5-Step Target Audience Attraction Funnel Framework
"Magnetize Your Dream Customers..."
Total Value: $397
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Rise Above All The Noise. Reach Your Dream Customers. Increase Your Revenue.
Bonus #3 - Instant Access To The New Digital                    Media Paradigm Report
"Edgy, Trendy, Sexy, & Conscious..."
Total Value: $297
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Survival Guide: 
 For Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Passionate Online Marketers
Bonus #4 - Top 10 Technology Hurdles Keeping Businesses From Success Online
A Media Assessment Coaching Session  
"How To Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes..."
Total Value: $397
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'Media In A Box Academy ' Today! 

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Transcend The Top 10 Hurdles, Pitfalls and Mistakes Every Entrepreneur 
Needs To Avoid  ~ 
A 45 Minute 
Master Force Marketing System
 Coaching Session.
So You Can Serve and Succeed Online. 
You Get The Power of Oneness  
Marketing System

The "Enlightened Entrepreneurs' 
Positively Unfair Advantage"

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 Stay Up-to-date with Media and Communications Trends, Technology, 
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Bring Your Promotions to Life in a Fun, Strategic and Insightful Manner.
Position Your Business On the Leading Edge with 
The Power of Oneness Marketing System.
There Is NO CATCH!

Why So Much Value For So Little, 
You Ask? 

Because We've Been There! 
We Know The 
on The Path of 
The Enlightened Entrepreneur. 
Going It Alone... Inner Conflict... 
Feeling Spiritually Compromised... No Self-Esteem...

 We Built Media In A Box Academy With YOU In Mind.

Imagine this...
ONE Video,
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ONE Script, 
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  Instant Access To Daily Video Animation Content Calendar (Value $997) FREE
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  Instant Access To New Digital Media Paradigm Report  (Value $297) FREE
  Top 10 Technology Hurdles Keeping Businesses From Success Online ~ 
Media Communications Assessment (Value $397) FREE

AND... Free Podcast Interview

"Purposeful Positive Powerful Podcast"
Yes, Interview is included. We Help Get your message out. 

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Here's What You Get... The Power of Oneness Marketing System
"The Enlightened Entrepreneur's Positively Unfair Advantage" 
Lifetime Member Access to Media In A Box Academy... 
Plus all of the FREE bonuses listed above. 

You'll Get Access to the digital media knowledge base and tools we use to build funnels, create video marketing, TV Shows, commercials, animations, podcasts so you can sell anything online! 

You Get the stuff we've spent decades learning and testing. 
Here's how it works...

You'll get our frameworks, strategies and tactics so you can Do-It-Yourself using the same resources and tools we use to market and sell anything!

Done-With-You is your access to The Power of Oneness Marketing System we'll show you step-by-step how to get your marketing and media in a state of Conscious, Coherent, Consistent Intensity for Super Alignment with your ideal customers across all platforms. 

Together we'll quickly and easily start building your marketing sales funnels, we help you master proven copywriting skills with the click of a button, and create video animation branding content to attract your target audience with your unique message and offer your products and services FAST.  

PLATINUM ACCESS This isn’t just for entrepreneurs and business owners trying to turn the corner. Our Done-For-You ENVISAGE Agency Services, powered my OWL Media Network, is amplified with a massive amount of media marketing strategies, tools, graphics, design, and ‘secret’ techniques for advanced and seasoned marketers as well.  

We become an extension of you marketing team when you Upgrade to Done-For-You. ENVISAGE Agency for Media In A Box Academy helps you with project fulfillment for your business.

Working together at The Power of Oneness Marketing System Masterclass level we build your "Magic Media BOX". 

P.P.S. When you have seasoned 6-Heptads (weeks) as a Gold or Platinum Member or you become an Affiliate with us and refer 10 new masterclass members in either case, we start building Your "Magic Media Box". 
Customized to your business' needs, your "Magic Media Box" is a hardware. A multi-media kit for media marketing and communications optionally available as a backpack, box or case of media tools and equipment (restrictions apply). 

Get started now. Only $797 Starts Your ONBOARDING Campaign Brief and Academy ENROLLMENT Business Application.   

EXCLUSIVE Power of Oneness Immersion Retreat openings are available. (Limited Number). Inquire during your Onboarding Session.


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Everything You're Going To Get

Immediate Access 
To Media In A Box Academy Member's Area 
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   Daily Video Animation 
Content Calendar Instantly to Your Inbox
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  • The 5-Step Audience Attraction Framework Funnel   
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  •  Instant Access To The New Digital Paradigm Media Report (Value $297) FREE
  • ​Media Communications Assessment of the  Top 10 Technology Hurdles Keeping Businesses From Success Online
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(Total Value: $12,085) FREE 

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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $17: The CLICK HERE TO GET Lifetime Membership, The Power of Oneness Marketing System, Automated Content Calendar, AND much more... System, "13 Dimensions of the Enlightened Entrepreneur: How to Develop the Enlightened Entrepreneurs’ Positive Unfair Advantage with Conscious, Coherent, Consistent Intensity.

Is it okay if we OVER DELIVER?
Here's Another Special Free Gift!! 

Get to know us! 
We included this personal video interview with our experienced Producer, Director, and Editor Rashidi Nisu Bey. He shares his 15-year video production journey of how he started from scratch with a camcorder. Inspiring and informative!
Plus... Come with us BEHIND-THE-SCENES in studio and see the 
pre-production for the making of this podcast. You'll learn a ton!

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